Falling in love with running again

Addiction is funny. Conveniently, but simultaneously inconveniently, so is love. When you put those two together in a cake mix, it’s hard not to find a delicious treat waiting on the other side of a burning oven. From around 2010 to 2018, I was addicted to running. Conveniently, but simultaneously inconveniently, I also loved to run. With those two facets of life working in tandem, it became not just something that I enjoyed as a hobby, but a massive part of my identity.

The stigma of healthy eating…

essential part of performance. As a result, healthy eating often becomes a major component of an athlete’s entire identity. For some, it becomes an obsession. For others it just becomes a cautious realization of what foods will help fuel performance, and what foods can and will destroy it over time. Beyond just athletes, nutrition is an essential part of anyone’s life, and should realistically be something we all pay attention to. So it’s all the more confusing why a stigma exists around healthy eating.