Falling in love with running again

Addiction is funny. Conveniently, but simultaneously inconveniently, so is love. When you put those two together in a cake mix, it’s hard not to find a delicious treat waiting on the other side of a burning oven. From around 2010 to 2018, I was addicted to running. Conveniently, but simultaneously inconveniently, I also loved to run. With those two facets of life working in tandem, it became not just something that I enjoyed as a hobby, but a massive part of my identity.

Developing a growth mindset…

Our abilities are not fixed in time, and can change with practice and help. So it’s important to approach any challenges or perceived inabilities with a growth mindset, and positive self-talk. That’s why in this article I’m going to be giving you some tips and tricks to establishing a growth mindset.

Becoming the best you (Part 1 – Improving your social life)

Perhaps the most significant of all the core principles to becoming the best version of yourself, developing and improving your social life is absolutely imperative. Back in 1993, an Oxford genius professor theorized that you could only have 150 meaningful relationships in your life. He totally, arbitrarily picked 150, but that’s okay. Because what it means is that there is plenty of room for you to expand your social life, or even disband the parts of it that are disrupting your backbone.

Tips for establishing yourself in new environments…

This week, I started a new job in a brand new city. I was instantly blown away by the positive work culture of the organization, and how quickly I belonged. But I also impressed myself with how quickly I was able to feel comfortable with my co-workers, and how I was able to be assertive in establishing myself as a person of importance within the first week. So today, I bring you some tips that will help you instantly establish yourself in new environments, and help you feel confident in being assertive right away.

Three tips for boosting confidence…

When it comes to confidence, I am of the belief that we are are all on a much truer level playing field than we realize. While some may appear more confident than others, I really believe we are all kind of just going through the motions and “faking it until we make it.” After all, those who come across as over-confident and cocky, probably aren’t that confident at all. Confident people don’t have to pump themselves up and tell themselves why they’re awesome all the time, they just naturally are and showcase that through their actions.