Harry Potter Pictionary & Charades

Time for some creative magic! In this Harry Potter themed activity, campers will get a chance to express their artistic sides both in the form of drawing, and acting.


Give your campers a set of markers, pencil crayons and paper, as well as picture prompts. Every camper draws a wizard/Harry Potter related item or theme on a piece of paper. After ten or so minutes, it’s presentation time! If campers finish early, they can be encouraged to add more detail to their drawing, or start to think of ideas for charades. Once everyone is finished, the counsellour chooses one camper to share and present their drawing to the group. Whoever guesses correctly first gets to share next. For younger campers, you can choose to skip the presentation and just focus on the drawing.

THEN, after a round of Pictionary, you can move on to Harry Potter Charades, where campers will get a chance to act out something magical to their group-mates. Whoever guesses correctly can go next. If anyone is shy about presenting, make sure to have prompts to help them discover ideas about what they can act out.

Equipment Needed:

  • Markers, pencil crayons, etc.
  • White paper
  • Drawing and acting prompts

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