Wizard Wands

Time to get creative! Kids absolutely love this wizard wand activity that combines art and imagination with a connection to the outdoors and nature. All you need for this wizarding activity is a small outdoor space and some basic art supplies!


Campers explore and safely roam around your outdoor space to find their perfect wizard wand (a.k.a. a small, reasonably sized stick). After campers find their perfect wand, they can decorate it with yarn, stickers, art supplies, and markers. Once the decoration is done, the camp counsellour can teach the kids wizards spells, and ask campers to come up with their own spells and present them to the group.

Example Spells:

  • Lumos: Allows the wizard to see things in the dark. 
  • Alohomora: Unlocks something that is locked.  
  • Riddikulus: Transforms something scary into something silly. 
  • Wingardum Leviosa: Makes things levitate/fly. 
  • Expecto Patronum: Creates a magical animal that will scare evil creatures away.

Equipment Needed:

  • Outdoor space with plentiful sticks
  • Art supplies (e.g. yarn, markers, stickers, pompoms, etc.)
  • Imagination & creativity

Where I learned this activity: Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario (go and check them out!).

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