Wizard House Sorting Quiz

Time to take a test! This Harry Potter themed quiz will help your campers come to a greater understanding about their own personalities. All you need is our quiz questions below (or an adapted version of your own).


Campers fill out our sorting hat quiz to find out which Hogwarts house they belong to. After they’ve finished the quiz, the leader tallies up their answers to discover the house. Majority a) answers = Slytherin. Majority b) answers = Ravenclaw. Majority c) answers = Gryffindor Majority d) answers = Hufflepuff. If there is a tie between houses, let the participant choose what they think. After the quiz, explain to campers what the houses mean, and if participants are happy with their houses or would like to switch. You can then use these houses to make teams later on for other activities.

Equipment Needed:

  • Enough paper or electronic copies of our quiz to go around
  • Basic Harry Potter knowledge


  1. Which spell would you cast on yourself?
    a) Reading minds
    b) Fly
    c) Super strength
    d) Patience

  2. Which position in Quidditch would you play?
    a) Beater
    b) Keeper
    c) Seeker
    d) Chaser

  3. Which class would you enjoy the most?
    a) Potions
    b) Charms
    c) Defense Against the Dark Arts
    d) History of Mythical Creatures

  4. You would be most hurt if someone called you…
    a) Weak
    b) Ignorant
    c) Boring
    d) Unkind

  5. Which of these describes your relationship with your closest friends?
    a) I don’t make new friends often.
    b) I have very few close friends that I would trust with my life.
    c) I find myself becoming friends with people who can help me succeed.
    d) I love having as many friends as possible!
  1. Which animal would you choose for your Hogwarts pet?
    a) Rat
    b) Toad
    c) Owl
    d) Cat

  2. After you’ve finished your homework, you have some free time. Where do you go?
    a) The Forbidden Forest
    b) The library
    c) Outside for some exercise
    d) The kitchens

  3. Which of these magical events would you like to attend the most?
    a) The Triwizard Tournament
    b) Wizard’s Chess
    c) The Quidditch World Cup
    d) Christmas at Hogwarts

  4. You’re having trouble mastering a new spell. Who do you go to for help?
    a) The library, I’ll figure it out myself
    b) My professor
    c) The house ghost
    d) My smartest friend

  5. Which trait do you like about yourself the most?
    a) Ambition
    b) Intelligence
    c) Courage
    d) Kindness

Where I learned this activity: Developed this while working for Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre (go and check them out!).


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